Artwork by Melanie

Artist’s Statement

My art influences are many and varied – Japanese landscape painting, Native American art, the surreal landscape paintings of Emily Carr and Marc Chagall , as well as the opulent gold paintings of Gustav Klimt.  Above all, I crave interesting reflective qualities and textures in my art.

I feel a deep soul connection to the wisdom inherent in our ancestors’ beliefs in staying in harmony with nature, as well as applying their intuitive knowledge of the elements of nature to healing modalities, like five element acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda in India, and nature-based religions like Shintoism and those of indigenous peoples around the world.

Earth, air, fire, water, and metal are the foundations of our environment. In my art I symbolize each element and strive to create harmonious compositions that balance each element found in nature to bring a sense of calm and grounding to the viewer.

After painting a gold, bronze, or copper background, I add layers of paint and collage to build up textures that appeal to me.  I work intuitively from one technique and layer of paint to the next, never quite knowing fully how my piece will look until it feels finished. I have learned to trust my intuitive process and of staying grounded in the present that is always full of exciting possibilities.

All art pieces are for sale, click on the thumbnail images below to see them in their entirety.  If you are interested in purchasing an art piece, please contact me at or (206) 335-1329 to schedule a viewing of my art in person.