6 reasons why every woman needs regular massage and reflexology sessions

Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

You may already be receiving regular massage and bodywork sessions like reflexology for muscle pain, tension, or stress relief…great, you’re ahead of the game!  You already understand the relationship between lower stress and muscle tension and enhancing your health and longevity, so please share this with your girl friends and family who still need to understand this important concept.  If you enjoy receiving massage and reflexology from time to time but haven’t made it part of your self-care and healthcare routine, read on to find out why you need more massage in your life.

Massage and bodywork doesn’t just relax your body and mind for an hour and make you feel good the next day or two.  It does so much more than that.  Here are my top six reasons why every woman needs to receive regular massage and reflexology sessions:

1).  Save on doctor visits over the long-term – How?  Because doctors recommend expensive medications and surgeries because that’s what they know how to do.  And preventing the harmful effects of stress that lead to major diseases, and stopping chronic pain and musculoskeletal misalignment before it leads to tissue damage is what I do.  For much less money than doctors and pharmaceutical companies charge.  Not to mention that receiving regular massage feels way better than swallowing pills and recovering from surgery.  How many things in life are good and good for you?

2).  Age gracefully – Mental and physical stress is hard on your body’s muscles, joints, and internal systems.  Stress leads to chronic inflammation, elevated blood pressure, increased muscle spasms, decreased joint range-of-motion, and reduced immunity to name a few. Receiving regular massages over the course of your lifetime will help you manage your health and well-being.

3).  Have a healthy menopause – I have helped many women re-balance their body’s internal systems from the effects of menopause with foot reflexology.  Night sweats, memory loss, fatigue, and other symptoms generally decrease and become more manageable over time with working on areas of the feet that correspond to the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, and ovaries.  Reflexology is very relaxing to receive and makes not only your feet, but your whole body feel amazing!

4).  Pregnancy – Growing a baby inside you for nine months can be stressful, especially for moms with busy lives, and receiving regular massages helps decrease low back and hip pain, and can help shorten labor and delivery, and makes your hard-working body feel good!

5).  Better body image – Many of us have areas of our body that we are self-conscious about, who can blame us with all the images of beauty and fashion we are bombarded with in mainstream media?  Even with maintaining a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet, it’s easy to compare ourselves to other women we admire and get discouraged that our bellies, hips, or thighs are not different than they are.  Receiving regular massage sessions makes your body feel great, just as it is in the present moment, which leads to greater self-acceptance and appreciation.

6).  Greater peace of mind – You can;t have tight muscles and a relaxed mind, those two things just don’t go together.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed constantly leads to chronically tight and spasmed muscles, so when I relax your muscles, your mind will follow.  This translates to a greater ability to handle mental stress when it arises, as well as increased mindfulness about what triggers your stress button(s) and how to approach things from a different perspective.

You deserve to feel amazing, so schedule with me today by emailing me at healthyfeetnbody@gmail.com or call me at (206) 335-1329, your body and mind will thank you!