Massage for Stressed-out Moms

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Your kids are going back to school next month!  Woo hoo!!

You have organized as many activities for them as you can possibly can on your budget, sent them on play dates, taken them out for ice cream, to the beach, to the playground, etc. and hopefully not heard the wail “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!” too many times.  Or maybe your kid just learned to drive, and you’ve sat quivering and white-knuckled through many a driving practice…

It’s time for your self-care to come back into balance again, with the upcoming additional  time you will have on your hands.

Have achy, tense, or painful muscles?  How is your stress level?  And what about the strength of your immune system to fight off colds and flus this coming fall?  The decrease in sunlight can also bring a decrease in energy and you may feel a little down as we move into fall and winter.  So what’s the solution, aside from popping vitamin D capsules and ramping up your exercise routine?

Making time and setting aside funds for regular massage sessions helps you tackle your busy schedule (and your kids’ busy schedule(s) in a more grounded and centered place, and can be a much-needed boost to your mood and energy level.

No kids to send back to school?  If you are headed back to college, are a teacher, or are gearing up for a busy fall schedule, then also consider recommitting to your health by receiving regular massage and reflexology sessions, as the relaxation and stress-relief benefits that relieve tight muscles also unwind your mind, making the learning of new material, decision-making, and creative process that much more fluid.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your calendar/planner/scheduler app thingy and make room in it for your regular self-care!

PS I’m available on Thursdays from 12:30-7pm, Fridays from 12:30-6:30pm to see you for massage therapy and/or reflexology sessions.  Learn more about my practice by visiting