Following flow -Trusting the way Reiki works

I created this piece while trying to capture the idea of allowing Reiki (energy) to move through me in whatever way it wants in my art. Allowing energy to flow is the essence of practicing Reiki as a healing modality. While I know this, I’d been trying to almost force myself into a particular art style and process and it just wasn’t working.

I love my current art inspirations: street art, Art Deco, tattoo art, and anything remotely “goth”, and I was ready to find my style, the thing that felt like “it” by bringing all of these influences together in one seamless style.

But I was forcing something specific to happen in my art, and on top of that, I realized I was expecting too much in a short period of time.

I know that when I let go of how I think something is “supposed to look” or “supposed to be,” then I make room for the energy that wants to come through me when it’s ready. At first, it’s challenging to get out of my own way, I know when I relax and tune into the shapes, patterns, and colors that I love, I naturally find what I’m looking for. Without all the unnecessary mental stress.

Tuning into the flow of Reiki, I remember the curvilinear shapes I enjoy; the changes in line weight from thick black pen to thin; and the colors I want to see dancing next to each other. And then I finish with some sparkles of light.

Art is an energy that flows through me as an artist, and just like practicing Reiki, I’m just a conduit for the energy to flow through.

I call this Reiki doodle “Following flow,” and is the first piece I’ve created in a while that feels most like it matches where my energy feels right now.

I don’t know where my art will lead me, but I’m excited to find out. I’d love it if you follow me on the journey…