Receive Reiki and Reflexology for greater health benefits

Feeling stressed, over-whelmed, with achy, tight muscles?  It’s time for some much-needed R and R…Reiki and reflexology!

Here’s why Reiki and reflexology pair so well together in a 60 or 90min session:  they both soothe and support a healthy nervous system.  Why is this important?  Because your nervous system controls your stress/anxiety levels, hormone function, mood, digestion, and muscle tension (to name a few!) which impact your daily health and overall well-being.

Reiki is believed to re-balance the body’s systems using universal energy.    Energy is in invisible sub-atomic particles, atoms, and molecules in the air we breathe, our bodies, and everything that makes up our physical world.  Our nerves conduct electrical impulses that send messages to different parts of our bodies that impact our bodies–for better or worse.  Reiki’s soothing touch with light pressure on your head, neck, shoulders, arms, over your heart, belly, and legs, calms the nervous system.  Most of my clients either doze off or remain conscious in a very relaxed, yet alert mental state.  Healing that occurs can be subtle or deeply profound, and is cumulative over time, leading to decreased muscle tension, pain, mental and emotional stress.

Receiving reflexology also leads to the same deeply relaxed state that my clients experience with Reiki, but in a different way.  The calming, repetitive use of finger and thumb pressure over the feet and ankles is very sedating to the nervous system.  In your average 60min massage, it’s rare to get this amount of detailed foot work that happens in a reflexology session.  With over 7000 nerve endings per foot, there are myriad connections between the feet and the rest of the body!  so it stands to reason that if you completely relax the feet muscles (four layers of muscle tissue per foot!) then you can create a relaxed state in the rest of the body.

Combine the benefits of both of these relaxing and restorative modalities in one session!  Email me at or call me at (206) 335-1329 today to schedule your R & R!