About Melanie

As a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker I came to learn and love the gentle, yet profoundly healing power of Reiki starting in 2015. Reiki is an energy work modality that comes from Japan. It means “Universal Life Force Energy” and is the energy that flows through our bodies as well as all living things.

Reiki can be sent over distance and time to anyone in the world, and is like a healing meditation that I send at a specific time to my clients who have physical pain and tension and/or emotional and mental stresses. It works quickly to go to the root of the issue and is a gentle, non-invasive technique that is safe for everyone to receive, no matter what underlying health conditions a person has.

I focus on offering distance Reiki sessions to my clients, Reiki classes, as well as my art.

As a Reiki Master Teacher since 2016, I love teaching classes to people who are actively engaged in their own healing and personal growth. The information and techniques are simple enough for anyone to learn and benefit from, no prior healing experience is necessary! All you need is a mind that is open to all possibilities for healing.

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