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Inner Wisdom by Melanie Salazar

  Reiki services and classes:

 Distance Reiki sessions – Receive healing energy from the comfort of your own home.  Distance Reiki offers the same benefits of  in-person sessions, the only difference is that I send Reiki to you remotely at a specific appointment time, with an email check-in beforehand to see what you’d like me to work with. Sessions are 25min in length and can address physical tension and pain, and mental and emotional stresses.  I follow up by email after your session with my intuitive insights. $60.   

Distance Reiki “Power Hour” – A distance Reiki session over Zoom gives us the chance to reconnect, for you to deepen your experience of distance Reiki, and get an inside look into my distance Reiki process. When you schedule, please give me a brief description of what you’d like me to work with in your session. Session length is 30min, with check-in before and after, and a follow up email with a recap of my intuitive insights from your session. $100

Distance Reiki Home Clearings – Clear the energy of your apartment, condo, small or large home with a distance Reiki session. Mental and emotional stresses can make your living space feel stagnant, which can negatively affect the way you feel while at home, taking a toll on emotions, moods, and productivity. This session is a great way to “start fresh” after a deep clean/ decluttering, a move to a new location, setting positive intentions, the birth of a child, bringing home a new pet, or change in occupants of your home. $70-$110 depending on the size of your home.                                                      

Reiki classes (online only at this time) – Levels !, !!, !!!, and teacher training. Learn this gentle, deeply healing modality for yourself! No prior massage, bodywork, or other healing experience is required as the techniques are simple to do for everyone. Reiki I covers healing for the physical body, Reiki II covers healing for the emotions, and sending healing over distance and time, Reiki III deepens your unique relationship to Reiki (Universal life force energy) through meditations, sound healing and creative flow. Reiki Teacher training covers how to teach Reiki to others and how to pass attunements to students. Check out my store for class descriptions here.

Schedule your distance Reiki session for yourself or your home here or email me today at or call me at (206) 335-1329 to schedule a distance Reiki session and for upcoming Reiki class dates. 


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