Distance Reiki Offerings


Healing Meditation by Melanie Salazar

 30min distance Reiki session – Receive healing energy for all your health and wellness needs from the comfort of your own home.  Distance Reiki offers the same benefits of  in-person sessions, I send Reiki to you remotely at a specific appointment time, with an email check-in beforehand to see what you’d like me to work with. Sessions are 30min and can address physical tension and pain, and mental and emotional stresses.  I follow up by email after your session with my intuitive insights. Want your pet to receive distance Reiki? Chose this option for your cat or dog. $75   


Distance Reiki “Power Hour” – A distance Reiki session over Zoom gives us the chance to connect face to face, for you to deepen your experience of distance Reiki, and listen to a guided  meditation tailored just for you! $120

Distance Reiki Home Clearings – Clear the energy of your apartment, condo, or house with a distance Reiki session for your living spaces. Mental and emotional stresses can make the energy in your home feel stagnant, which can negatively affect the way you feel, taking a toll on emotions, moods, and productivity. This session is a great way to “start fresh” after a deep clean/ decluttering, a move to a new location, setting positive intentions, the birth of a child, bringing home a new pet, or change in occupants of your home, to name a few scenarios. $90 for an apartment or condo, $130 for a house.                                   

Schedule a distance Reiki session for yourself or your home here or email me today at bodywisewoman@gmail.com