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Melanie Salazar, LMT, CR, RMT, Page 3

Now offering Reiki sessions!

I’ve wanted to study energy work for some time, and Reiki has fascinated me since I first received it as a teenager …

Massage for Stressed-out Moms

Your kids are going back to school next month!  Woo hoo!! You have organized as many activities for them as you can …


“As a client of Melanie’s for several years I am always impressed by her personal interest and the care she provides. I came to see Melanie because of peripheral neuropathy and plantar fasciitis in my feet. Her sessions have been instrumental in maintaining my flexibility and circulation as well as sensation, that have slowly improved with her regular therapy. In addition, Melanie has helped me with numerous muscle and joint related issues that have developed over the years associated with stress and in some cases over-use. I have been to many therapists in the past, but none with the skill and sensitivity for my needs that Melanie exhibits. I highly recommend her to anyone with similar needs. She is truly a gem.” -R.A, MD


“Melanie is an expert! I’ve been seeing her for relief from scoliosis, and the results have been noticeable. Not only do I feel better, but I have had lasting relief in my back and shoulders. As a result of her work, I feel more energetic and relaxed and have had lasting relief from the soreness and tension caused by scoliosis.” – S.M.