5 Types of People who Benefit from Distance Reiki

While I believe anyone can benefit from receiving distance Reiki, some people seem to notice more results from this kind of work due to their ability to be present with their body’s physical sensations and emotions. Here’s a short list of who benefits (in no particular order):

1). People who meditate or do other mindfulness practices – You don’t have to be a meditation master to feel the benefits of distance Reiki. Just being willing to bring your awareness to the present moment helps to track shifts in your mind and body before and after each session.

2). Yoga / Tai Chi / Qi Gong practitioners – Regular movement practices naturally bring your attention to your breath, and body and mind sensations whether on or off the mat, which relaxes your nervous system when receiving distance Reiki. Energy flows more easily when you’re receiving Reiki if you can find a comfortable position to rest in. Savasana (corpse pose) is a very relaxing and restorative pose for receiving distance Reiki. If your low back tends to cramp or become tense or painful with lying on your back, putting a pillow or bolster under your knees can really help your back relax.

3). Fans of acupuncture – People who enjoy receiving acupuncture treatments can also benefit from distance Reiki, since both modalities are types of energy work. Acupuncturists work with the energy channels of the body called meridians to harmonize the functioning of the body’s systems, and Reiki works primarily with the chakras (energy centers of the body) and nervous system to speed healing.

4). HSPs – Highly Sensitive People are those for whom being in groups of people, using electrical devices such as cell phones, computers, TVs, and experiencing physical and emotional/mental stress leads to fatigue and sometimes “mind-fog”. Energetically sensitive people are often empaths, people who can sense and be influenced by other people’s emotional states, and feel overwhelmed by interacting with people in general. They may or may not have chronic inflammatory conditions that further tax their energy, and perceive lighter forms of massage as too intense.  For this population, distance healing can be highly effective since leaving the comfort of home is not required, and because they can easily pick up energies that others are unaware of, they can easily perceive benefit from distance healing work.

5). People dealing with pain, tension, or emotional/mental stress – When physical pain, tension, and mental/emotional stress reach a high level, they can affect our body and mind’s proper functioning, sending signals in the body to increase blood pressure, inflammation, and the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline which negatively affect the body’s immune response. Distance Reiki can non-invasively intervene to calm the nervous system and speed healing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

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