Distance Reiki for Cats – Healing for your Feline

Jax monmon, by Melanie Salazar

“It’s like you’re creating an army of Reiki cats!” my friend said.

I laughed, “maybe more like a posse,” I said, “but yes, I’ve had so many cat clients so far this year!”

Who knew that cat Reiki would become my new offering? This flourishing aspect of my practice has been a fascinating look into the hearts and minds of our feline friends. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Once cats make up their minds, they don’t tend to change them. They love routines, and what one of my cat clients calls “happy sameness.” Predictable things happening at certain times of the day help cats feel safe, content, and more in control of their environment. They like to be included in what’s happening in the household, such as visitors arriving and for how long, when their humans plan to travel and for how long, as well as any changes in occupants of the home, such as new pets or humans, and most importantly: WHY.

As many cat owners know, cats dislike and fear change, and many cats develop anxiety and become timid when someone or something enters their environment unexpectedly. Feline anxiety is the number one reasom I get requests to work with people’s cats. Cats naturally gravitate to Reiki and seem to have an innate understanding of what it is and how it works, so I find it easy to work with them.

What fascinates me is that some cats have asked me for Reiki attunements when they’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. An attunement is a ceremony that opens and clears all seven chakras in the body (of a person or pet) and places the energy of each level of Reiki in each chakra. It can act as a “mini healing” as well, like a condensed and powerful Reiki session. I do all cat attunements via distance Reiki, just like my sessions with them. After receiving an attunement, cats seem to go through an opening of their heart chakras, and are often more cuddly with their humans afterwards. They let me know if they want to go on to receive the next level of Reiki attunement, and cats that once were anxious and fearful become more confident and relaxed.

Jax (in the above art piece) loves “the outside” as he calls it, and will often spend hours exploring his environment in Colorado. He requested an attunement from me early on, and after his Reiki I attunement, has made friends with a deer, and has given Reiki to a woman who looked after him while his human was out of town.

How do cats give Reiki?

They usually sit on or near a chakra and purr constantly while energy flows through them to their human “client.” Sometimes people report feeling “chills” when their cats do this, and feel better physically and / or emotionally after the cats send them Reiki.

Cats love self-care practices other than Reiki, such staying physically active in some way, watching their human companions do yoga, listening to meditations, and grounding in nature by being outside or watching the outside from the safety of home. They can be our own teachers and often sense when we’re stressed and overwhelmed. Cats can be our teachers and healers as well as companions (and comedians).

Could your cat use some healing energy? Schedule them a Reiki session today!