Reiki – Healing for the body, mind, and spirit

The central belief system of Reiki is that it always works for the highest good of whoever the Reiki practitioner (in this case, yours truly) is working with.  I may be sending Reiki energy with my hands on your low back, but your shoulder tension, anxiety, or foot pain may actually dissipate instead.  Your highest good may be that another part of you receives care and attention first before the painful areas can be addressed.  The original area of complaint may even feel less tense or painful after this secondary area is addressed.  I find that this happens in my massage sessions with clients as well.  I’ll be working on their low back and they may comment on how they feel tension diminishing in the inner arches of their feet.

So what is Reiki and how does it work?  Reiki is a healing specialty that was developed in Japan in the 1800s and migrated to the US when a Japanese-American woman living in Hawaii studied Reiki in Japan and started teaching it when she returned to the US.  It feels super relaxing, it’s gentle, and safe for everyone to receive, and has profound effects on our nervous system and stress levels.  There are so many health conditions that are either caused or made worse by stress, that it only makes sense to calm the nervous system and reduce the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, right?  Our bodies and everything in our world is made up of energy (think sub-atomic particles like protons, electrons, and neutrons), and it is believed that the energy passing through the Reiki practitioner’s hands that make gentle contact with her client, can positively effect the systems of the client’s body to promote healing.  Sensations you may feel in a Reiki session are pleasant tingling or pulsing sensations and heat or coolness.  Many of my clients report feeling more relaxed after a Reiki session than after a massage.

Benefits of Reiki that I have personally experienced are: improved sleep, decreased muscle tension, easier breathing, decreased anxiety and mental stress with daily life, and increased gratitude for my life in general.

So whether you experience physical, emotional, or mental stress, Reiki can help re-balance that aspect of your being that needs some TLC.  As someone who has grown to love receiving Reiki just as much as massage therapy, I would love to introduce you to this wonderful healing modality!

For a limited time, I’m offering 30 minute complimentary Reiki sessions.  Email me at or call me at (206) 335-1329 to schedule now.