Melanie’s Artwork

Artist’s Statement

My painting process is a purely intuitive one, building each layer of my painting based on what feels right in the moment. Sometimes I use my fingers, sometimes a brush, a sponge, a brayer, as well as non-traditional mark-making tools like rags, a plastic fork, Saran wrap, an old toothbrush, and other common items.

I work in layers, intuitively applying paint according to what feels right in the moment and in later stages making more decisions as to what stays,(what’s working well) and covering or partially obscuring what I’m not crazy about. I keep only the things I love in my paintings, the colors that jive, the textures that speak to me, and the images that resonate. The result is always magical and surprising, as I learn new ways to express myself and grow as an artist with each painting I create. I continually find emotional freedom, self-discovery, and empowerment in the works I create. I believe that engaging in the creative process is one of the most healing things I do for my own self-care.

In my earlier work I chose what the image would be in the beginning stages, whereas now that I’ve several years of a regular painting practice under my belt, I’m loosening up and staying grounded in the present moment, trusting that my intuitive process will lead me to what’s in my heart to express.  The present moment is all we have to create with anyway, and I feel so much joy in letting go of what isn’t working, trusting my energy to lead me forwards, and marveling at what I create when I’m not trying to make my art look a certain way.

All art pieces are for sale, click on the thumbnail images below to see them in their entirety. If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me at or (206) 335-1329 to schedule a viewing of my art in person.