Now offering Reiki sessions!

I’ve wanted to study energy work for some time, and Reiki has fascinated me since I first received it as a teenager living in Japan in 1993.

Reiki means “Universal life force energy” in Japanese, and is a form of energy work that was founded by Mikao Usui, in the late 1800’s.  He was a Buddhist scholar who embarked on his healing journey when one of his students asked him how it was possible to do hands-on healing like Jesus Christ did. Not knowing the answer, but wanting to discover the answer, he went on a 21 day meditation and fasting retreat on the sacred Mt. Kurama. On the last day of his retreat he received his answer in the form of a bright light that illuminated healing symbols in his mind’s eye and from that day on, was able to heal himself and others. He started a school, trained 22 Reiki masters, and from there it spread around the world.

Practicing Reiki involves laying the hands gently on the chakras (energy centers) and other areas of the body in order to release energy blockages and move energy into areas where there is a deficiency of energy in order to calm the nervous system, relax away tension, and promote healing and overall health.

Reiki acts in a similar way to “acupuncture without needles.” Acupuncture works on the body’s energy meridians with needles to release energy blockages and harmonize the functioning of the body’s systems, and in Reiki, the practitioner’s hands are used instead of needles to release energy through the body with light pressure.

I find that the sensations I feel and that my clients report feeling from Reiki are similar to sensations commonly felt in acupuncture–warmth, pleasant tingling, as well as energy that bubbles or flows to different areas of the body.   While receiving mini-Reiki sessions in class, I felt a profound sense of inner peace and well-being, and my mind drifted between sleep and wakefulness that felt amazing!  Areas of my body, especially my hips and legs, seeming to open inside and pulse with energy, and the tension and stress that I usually carry in my muscles seemed to be flowing out of my body into my feet and then into the ground.  My feet felt more relaxed, and I felt a new spring in my step as my whole body felt lighter.  My mind remained present and unencumbered by thoughts of the past or future, of planning, problem-solving, or worrying.  My breathing felt deep and relaxed, and my energy level was noticeably increased as well.  The other students in the class reported similar findings with blissful smiles and sighs of contentment.

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