4 easy steps to prepare for your distance Reiki session

Once you’ve booked a distance Reiki session and let me know what you’d like me to work with for you, here’s how to prepare to receive the healing energy and what to expect after your session:

1). Set up your relaxation space – You’ll want a pillow for your head and perhaps a pillow or bolster for under your knees if your low back gets tense from lying down. If you choose to be seated, make sure you choose a comfortable armchair or recliner where you can fully relax. Grab a blanket even if your space is warm, since your body may go through temperature changes during the session and you might get chilly. An eye pillow if optional, but a great way to relax your eyes and forehead and having your eyes closed can help you focus more on your body’s sensations and feelings.

2). Turn off devices and limit distractions – this is your relaxation / Zen time so turn off or mute your devices, and let your family or roommates know that you’re not available during your session time.  If the dog needs a walk, do that before your session so they can relax too.

3). Get comfortable – Lie or sit down in a comfortable position, pets often enjoy snuggling up to their owners and sharing or amplifying the energy of distance Reiki sessions. Cats often seem to prefer distance Reiki sessions than dogs but it also depends on the pet.

4). Open your mind to receiving healing energy – distance Reiki differs from in-person sessions in that (obviously) I’m not in the room with you. Otherwise the energy you receive from me is the same.  Because most people aren’t familiar with the concept of a healing modality being able to transcend space and time to affect someone far away, a sort of leap of faith is involved. Saying an affirmation before your session can help your mind accept the energy that’s being transmitted to you, such as “I’m open to receiving healing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels” or simply “I’m open to whatever is ready to heal in my mind and body at this time.”

After I’ve finished sending you Reiki, I’ll email you intuitive insights from your session. For example, I may pick up that you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed with a fluttery feeling in your heart center and have an image of you sitting outside in a beautiful natural setting. Roots grow out of your feet deep into the ground and your breathing slows and deepens. This may mean you need more time in nature or may benefit from taking time regularly for grounding and mindfulness practices like meditation and / or breathwork.

Schedule your distance Reiki session today by clicking here or email me at healthyfeetnbody@gmail.com with your preferred dates and times.