Pets need Reiki too! – Energy work helps animals heal physically and emotionally

Animals benefit from Reiki just like people do, which is why Reiki in-person or offered as distance Reiki is so important to help keep your pet(s) healthy and happy. Animals are very energetically sensitive to their surroundings and to the energy of their owners. Here are the main reasons why you should consider Reiki sessions for your wonderful animal companions:

1). Fostering / Adopting a pet – Animals often need time adjusting to life with a new owner, and distance Reiki can help calm and relax your new pet so that it can adapt to its new surroundings, owner, and any other pets in the household with confidence.

2). Supporting emotional health – Pets can become anxious with loud noises, aggressive with other animals or strangers, or depressed if their owners are out of the house for long periods of time, and distance Reiki can help your pet rebalance their emotions as well as offer them comfort if they’re recovering from trauma. Animals can sometimes take on the emotions of their owners and appear unusually depressed or stressed at times, which may then manifest as a physical ailment.

3). Physical health issues – Reiki is known to facilitate physical healing and can help improve symptoms of physical ailments like allergies, appetite changes, as well as recovering from illness, injury, or surgery to name a few. Reiki can be used in combination with conventional medical treatments to help pets cope with discomfort.

4). End of life care – Reiki (either in-person or from a distance) can help a beloved pet and owner with saying goodbye and bringing comfort and calm to a pet who is getting ready to pass away.

Whatever the situation, distance Reiki (and in-person Reiki) can help strengthen an animal’s bond with their human companions when pets learn that they can have their unique needs addressed through the gentle flow of Reiki energy. This exchange of energy between an animal and a Reiki practitioner helps animals trust that their owners really do take all their needs into account.

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