Distance Reiki clears the energy in your home

Distance Reiki clears your home’s energy as well as the energy of your body, and since we’re all spending more time at home these days, this healing service is a must-have! Energetically sensitive people tune into the energy contained within spaces more easily than others, and if you’re noticing something “off” in your home, try a distance Reiki energy clearing for any of these reasons:

!. Your whole life revolves around being at home – You work, sleep, eat, play, and exercise at home and if you have kids they’re going to school at home. If the energy in your home feels chaotic or stagnant to the point of distraction, consider getting an energy clearing for your home on a regular basis.

2). You just moved / bought a new home – If you recently moved into a new home and you feel “off” for no reason, the energy of the previous tenant may be lingering and affecting your energy, moods and emotional states. If your body or emotions feel heavy but dissipate when you’re away from home, you could benefit from a Reiki clearing for your home.

3). You finished a decluttering and reorganization of your belongings – Celebrate your win by clearing the non-physical energy that may be lingering from years of hanging on to old stuff. Physical clutter is the tangible evidence of unmade decisions, which can lead to feelings of indecisiveness, brain fog, and overwhelm, and clearing the physical items from your space may not entirely shift these feelings in your body, so a Reiki energy clearing can help complete the decluttering process.

4). Changing occupants in your home – When friends and loved ones move out, others move in, or there’s a new baby or pet in your home, you have the opportunity to clear out old energy that is no longer helpful and invite new intentions for the space and its occupants.

5). Home remodeling project completion – Remodeling a home can unearth energy from past tenants or your own past that is incongruent with the present and affect your energy once the remodel is complete. Clearing the energy of whatever surfaces during the remodel can help you feel better.

6). Unexplained or paranormal experiences – In physics and chemistry the law of the conservation of energy tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes from one form to another. In Reiki it’s believed that when we die our energy becomes part of Source / Universal / energy until it’s ready to return to Earth in some new form. It’s believed that some people’s energy can hang around after death and cause mischief and should be guided back to Source, so an energy clearing can restore the balance of energy within a home.

7). You’re a realtor or work in real estate – Having trouble selling a home? Or do you notice that some homes go up for sale repeatedly with no explanation? The energy within the home could be turning off potential buyers and can be rebalanced with a distance Reiki session. it’s a win-win situation for both home buyers and realtors!

Click here to set up your distance Reiki session for your home. For this type of session, I need the physical address and photos of the rooms (no cleaning required!). All occupants within a home can be present during an energy clearing.